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New Books
Telephone tales
Running wild
Stars so sweet
Mary of the Mayflower
The biker bandits
Zombie, or not to be
Storm and fury
Dune. The lady of Caladan
Daughter of the morning star
The jailhouse lawyer
An impossible promise
Democracy rules
A darker reality
The wrong end of the telescope
When ghosts come home : a novel
Olga : a novel
Under the whispering door
Change sings : a children
I love you more than plunder
I believe in you
Ottoline at sea
King & Kayla and the case of the gold ring
The secrets of Plymouth Rock
Big enough for a bed
LEGO Star wars : free the galaxy
The masterpiece
Penny & Jelly : the school show
When the sky is like lace
The rechargeables : eat, move, sleep
Lucy & company
Star Wars maker lab
Garden jungle
Lolly Lolly honey bee